About Us

SchoolMatch by Public Priority Systems, Inc. is a research and database service company that collects, audits, integrates, processes and manages information about public and private elementary and secondary schools.

Research and data about school differences have become increasingly important during recent years. Professionals from many fields need experts who can provide customized information and support services — ranging from database access to consultation and extensive analysis. To meet these needs, SchoolMatch has assembled a roster of distinguished leading educators and highly skilled staff. Since 1986, clients have benefited by incorporating SchoolMatch data, systems and experts into their organizations and projects

Professionals and consumers seeking school and community information need to check data sources carefully. SchoolMatch provides accurate, timely, auditable information to assure that clients can make fact-based and informed judgments. All information is relational and comparative.

SchoolMatch data collection is continuous. Specialists secure current data from a vast network of auditable hard data sources. Contacts with county tax assessors, county auditors, regional planning commissions, accrediting agencies, state education agencies and state taxing authorities are principal sources of data. Comparative information on public schools is presented in a variety of selected formats.

John J. Cannell, MD, proved the unreliability of self-reported school data when he surveyed schools from across the country at his own expense. Cannell reported to the national media: “over 90% of the nation’s schools said their students were scoring above the national average,” obviously mathematically impossible.

By sorting the apples from the oranges, SchoolMatch provides data which are both accurate and comparative across the school system, county, and state lines.

SchoolMatch is an educational research and database service firm specializing in rating schools (K-12) by using auditable data. School systems and high schools are ranked in a national percentile format, making it possible for comparisons by the parent, homebuyer, corporate leader, policy maker, educator or Realtor.

SchoolMatch has alliances with nationally prominent firms such as IBM Business Consulting Services, Office Depot, Park National Bank, State Farm Insurance and LexisNexis. Clients include Fidelity Investments, KPMG, United Parcel Service (UPS), Owens Corning FIBERGLAS, Ryder International, Ernst & Young, KPMG, The Limited, Lee Hecht Harrison and hundreds of school systems and newspapers.

SchoolMatch consultants also provide personalized services in the areas of school choice, counseling services for exceptional children, expert legal services, comparable school evaluation, and child custody school assessment. Services to the corporate client include relocation data, recruitment, WorkLife benefit programs, human resource tools, site selection, school-business partnership audits, and school market research.